About the Green Palmetto Team

We’re a team of web designers, graphic designers, programmers, and SEO experts located between Atlanta Georgia and Chattanooga Tenneesee!

Our business is to build websites that get fantastic results for your business AND design them to look amazing all at the same time.

We’ve spent years crafting web projects, and we’re ready to be your web partner. Many businesses are finished working with flaky web designers. We’re old faithful. This is what we do. Let us help your business connect with clients better through a fantastic web presence!

(Why the above photo? We know who we are. We love Star Wars, coffee, The Office, and all things nerd.)

About Green Palmetto’s Name

Our team lives in the southeastern United States! This has always been home for us. The pine trees, live oaks and palmettos are the backdrop to our lives. Naming our design company ‘Green Palmetto’ is simply a nod to our love of nature, particularly here in Georgia.

The palmetto is an unassuming, sturdy, but elegant plant. It’s also useful! There are so many things a palmetto’s material is good for building or weaving.

The palmetto lives along the coasts, swamps, lowlands, and pine savannah’s of Georgia, South Carolina, Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisiana.

It’s a humble, yet useful plant that’s also lovely to look at.